Plug and Play Kits

HID Plug-n-Play Kits use halogen style bulb bases (H13, H7, 9007…etc.) that utilize your stock halogen unit for light control. This is NOT the correct way to achieve high performance lighting. This in fact creates excessive glare, un-desirable light patterns & can be dangerous!Bad PNP Kit OutputPNP HID Kit

A factory halogen reflector housing uses a specific focal point & reflector design to control light output. This design is based around a halogen bulb’s 360 degrees of light output or illumination. A halogen bulb creates 360 degrees of light due to it’s use of a filament.

Halogen Reflector

HID bulbs have no filament for their light output. Light is created by an arc igniting gases inside the bulb capsule. When an HID bulb is lit or on, it also doesn’t emit light in a 360 degree pattern such as a halogen bulb. The light output is more of a controlled pattern with the brightest light (off-white/ slight yellow) being emitted downward & center, and the slightly less bright light (whitish/blueish) being emitted at the ends of the arc.

Essentially a Plug-n-Play Kit takes an HID capsule and fits it onto a halogen style bulb base (H11, H7, 9004…etc.). When these kits are used in a halogen headlight setup, the control over light output is severely diminished. “Hot-Spots”, glare & an un-desirable beam pattern are usually the end results.

A Plug-n-Play kit’s HID components are typically not high quality. The ballasts, a very important component of any HID system, are usually not reliable, burn out due to moisture damage and/or draw an excessive amount of amperage from your wiring upon start up.

A Plug-n-Play Kit will certainly put more light on the road, assuming you use the proper Kelvin color temperature. However, it’s not the correct kind of light. As stated above it creates “Hot-Spots”, glare & an uncontrolled/undesirable beam pattern that are all un-safe and end up giving HID’s in general a bad name.

Please note: An HID Projector Retrofit is NOT a “Plug-and-Play” HID Kit as often sold on the market today. It’s a much greater component lighting system that is explained in detail throughout this site.

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