Apr 26


hello everyone I honestly hope anyone can help me just a little so I don't get a hammer and go donkey Kong on my headlights.

I own a 2006 scion tc. I have a full wiring harness for my car from the retro fit source. d2s bulbs with ballast s2000 projectors. everything was just replace but new but the bulbs.

Every single fuse is working. I even change the headlight fuses to 30s instead of 10s. But I won't have any power to my passenger side. so I did what anyone would do. tried the bulb from the passenger side on the driver side. it worked. I tried the ballast from passenger side, it worked. I disconnected the driver side and left the passenger side connected. worked, so I connected the driver side to see and did not work.

I removed everything place on ground to take a video of then both flip the switch and they both started working. mind blown. EXCITED!!! connected them back into the projector turn them on and ugh one stop working again. at this point I wanted to destroy it. I close my hood and now I am writing here. I tried as well leaving each one connected and left on 5 min no flickering but just one light will stay on.

the retro fit source harness has 2 connectors to positive and negative on the batter. on connector directly to the headlight 9006 socket. then 2 connectors to the ballast. one to driver then another to passenger.

At this point I have no idea what else can be the problem. anyone please if you've encounter a problem like this or a solution you may have I would love to hear it because thank God I haven't been pulled over for a fix it ticket for over 2 weeks.