Sep 22

Passenger Side Light Out – Retro-Quick Kit

I have had the retro-quick kit for a 2010 Prius in for about two years with no problems up until recently with a light going out on the passenger side. At first I thought it was a burnt out bulb so I ordered a new set of XB5500k's. Went to install tonight and still didn't get light from the passenger headlight. Then went through all the steps of switching the igniters and the ballasts and everything just seems to stick to the passenger side, which tells me the igniter and ballasts are fine. Hooked up the headlight to the driver side and then there was light. I got the headlight to work one time on the passenger side, which made me think I had a ground issue so I tried three different ground points including one where other ground wires were leading too, but still couldn't get the light to work. In the troubleshooting guide on TRS it has the relay being the problem only if neither bulbs light up, but could it be a possibility of a bad relay with only lighting up one side?

Now thinking about the ground troubleshooting I did, I'm thinking it's more of a hardware problem if it's been working fine for two years straight and then all of a sudden I have problems. Any troubleshooting tips would be appreciated. I contacted TRS and I'm sure they'll help me out, but just trying all my options.