Apr 27

OEM HID/LED projectors Master List

Aim: Collate the vast amount of information this site and its users have, to create a master list of 'which HID or LED projectors came in which cars'. This will be handy for us scouring yards and wrecker ads. It would be better if we had a wiki but happy to maintain this thread (since I spend a shitload of time on the internet).
Feel free to link existing threads as well. I'm also after projector information and pictures if possible (so we know what to look for).

Please use the format:
LHD/RHD - Region - Year Make Model trim level [optional:chassis or any other unique information] - projector (bulb or LED)
For example: RHD - AU - 2009-2014 Subaru Legacy/Liberty GT (BM/BR) - Black series (D2S)

Left Hand Drive (LHD)

Right Hand Drive (RHD)

Black series (D2S)
AU/JP/UK 2009-2014 Subaru Legacy/Liberty GT (BM/BR)

Thank you all for your contributions.