Apr 27

No Ignite for Mori H1

Vehicle/App/Age: Audi a4 2006, Mori Elite H1 bi-xenon with battery relay, Install December 2016

Problem: passenger side projector is not igniting regularly as of yesterday. It did ignite after many attempts of on-off-on-off.
Additionally, the drivers side only ignites after beginning light sequence at parking lights on, then moving to drl or primary lights "on".

Conditions: The cold weather is over and we are in the 40-60 degree range.

Ive seen that the relay could be bad, or some how effected by moisture? - is there a test for this? Signs?

Maybe a bad ballast?
Maybe it is the relay since both sides are now inconsistent?

...i leave for a week long road trip friday, so im a litttttttle worried this wont be resolved. Any help is appreciated !


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