Dec 15

New retros but no light

Hey guys,
I'll try to keep this short but I recently purchased some retrofit projectors from Kustom54lighting. They are the morimoto d2s's and I love the look of the housing. After installing all the supplied items: housing, bi-xenon harness, and ballast (ignitors and bulbs were already attached to the housing) I'm getting no light from the drivers side and 1 out of 20 light offs from the pass. I've metered all the way to the output of the ignitor and getting 200+volts while quickly stepping down the almost 0 volts. Getting a consistent 12v from the harness. I overnighted a new set of d2s bulbs and they won't light off either.

Any further feedback or trouble shooting ideas woukd greatly be appreciated. Below I will post a link to a thread I started on my tacoma forum for cross referencing.


Thanks in advance