Apr 27

New Headlight Protection: Clear coat, urethane, or vinyl?

I'm slowly but surely doing a retrofit for my 08 Accord and I bought a new set of TYCs to work on.

I am worried the clear coat won't be as good on these replicas, so I'd like to address that right away.
What would be the best method to do so?

Rattle can clear coat has served me well in the past, but I also hear good things about urethane sealant.
Vinyl wrapping the lights is also an option I've seen have good success.

If I were to clear coat, how high of a grit should I sand them with? 2000?

If I were to vinyl wrap (with something like Lamin-X), is it safe to bake the lens off, vinyl wrap, then rebake the wrapped lens for the final retrofit assembly?