Apr 28

New EVOX-R v2.0 Projectors are the BRIGHTEST we’ve ever tested – results of our shootout too

We've been working on a "D2S projector shootout" that features the nine projectors that we have to offer and my intention was to give the entire review here however the results of the top projector were so extreme that I wanted to jump right to the top performer of the group.

The new EVOX-R v2.0 (available here: https://www.hidprojectors.com/collec...d2s-projectors ) blew away the rest of the crowd.

The hotspot intensity is unlike anything I've seen and was more than twice as bright as the next brightest hotspot and roughly triple as bright as the average.
Width was average compared to the feild but with some tuning the hotspot can be spread out out a bit, increasing width performance tremendously.

I've attached the results of the shootout below. The test was run using the following components:
  • Hella Gen 3 ballast
  • Yeaky 4500K bulb
  • Same power supply
  • unmodified projectors (i.e. 'out of the box')
All measurements were taken with a LUX reader and measured LUX at 100ft in two areas:
  • Hotspot
  • Width (15 ft from the hotspot, simulating a lane's width away)
The numbers show the raw data as well as a weighted average of 50/50 (assuming width is as important as hotspot) to come up with a score and a ranking for each. The raw numbers show both in case you wish to use your own weighted average figures.

Let me know what you guys think!
Ranking Projector Name Hotspot Width Weighted Average: 50/50
1 EVOXR v2.0 152 14 83.00
2 TRS Mini D2S 4.0 62 29 45.50
3 4TL-R 72 14 43.00
4 D2S G5 54 28 41.00
5 FXR 3.0" lens 64 14 39.00
6 EVOXR v1.0 56 16 36.00
7 D2S 3.0 54 14 34.00
8 D2S 3.0 Square 51 14 32.50
9 FXR 2.5" lens 49 13 31.00