Apr 27

Need to make a decision on projectors

Want to know the best projectors to use for retrofitting. I have a pair of FX35 projectors, can buy a set of s2000 projectors for $100(ap1) or currently have the morimoto Mini 3.0. They need to be readjusted so I have to open them up again. So should I buy a clear lens for the fx, buy the s2k headlights and buy a clear lens, readjust and keep the morimoto 3.0 or purchase a set of morimoto 4.0? The labor for the morimoto is the cheapest, then fx35 lastly the s2k which will probably be 2x as much for install as the 4.0. The look I want is that of the ls460 but if any of the other projectors can come close in terms of width, range and flicker I'd consider keeping those. Thanks