Jul 25

Need help with baking times for 13+ Ram TYC Projectors

So im doing my first "retrofit" and i need help with the baking temp and times for a set of 2013+ Ram TYC OEM Projectors.

I have looked everywhere online and can't find the temp and time for the TYC lights, I've only come across the time and temp for the OEM Mopar version with Permaseal. So im thinking these TYC don't require the same heat and length as the oem ones. Here is some info on my build:

Here is a picture of the lights.

I will be opening them up and installing the following:
â?¢ Diode Dynamics Ram Switchback LED Turn Signal Boards
â?¢ Diode Dynamics Ram Switchback LED Halo & C-Bar
â?¢ Retroshop.us 09-12 Ram Projector Adapter Harness
â?¢ Morimoto XB35 6000k HID Kit
â?¢ Paint matching them PR4 Flame Red and Gloss Black

Here is a picture of the lower switchback led boards

Here is a picture of the switchback halo and C-Bar kit

Here is a picture I found on Google of a very similar paint scheme to what I am going to do

So I've got Videos and tutorials on how to do everything involved, except how long and what temp to bake the TYC replica lights at. Everything I found online and on these forums was for either the 09+ quads/dual headlights or the times and temps were for the OEM Mopar projectors which use a tougher Permaseal.

Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.

Oh and here is a couple pictures of my truck. 2012 Ram 1500 RCSB Hemi.

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