Apr 27

Need Help Identifying Headlight

Hey guys, first time poster, hoping to get some answers.

I imported a super rare grille for my car (1/1 known) and cannot find where the headlights originally came from.

They are Hella Quads. 5.75 inches, inners are high beam, outers are low beam.

H1 bulbs.

The lens match E30 lenses but I cannot figure out these mounts. It uses 4 bolts which pop into the little white clips on the light itself.

Also, the original HELLA stickers are still there with the HELLA part number, but searching it yeilds nothing, and HELLA has not been responisve when I asked for help.

Does anyone know if I can buy more of these? I would really like to have a backup plan before I break something attempting to retrofit or modify.

I will post a couple more pictures below, as well as the entire gallery if you want to see some other angles.

http://imgur.com/a/1NVzA - GALLERY