Jul 27

Need help directing DRL light

I'm stuck on this. I'm very slowly working on putting LED DRL's in my terrain and with everything put into place, the rod sits about 1" from the diode. I was thinking of maybe a soda can or foil tape and using spare plastic from other headlights to make an enclosure. But before I get into that I wanted to see what you guys recommend if there are any simpler methods.
I don't get much time to myself lately with a 2 month old and 2 year old so just making sure before I waste a night getting nowhere lol. I can get pictures from different angles if needed

This is where it sits now, minus the high beam reflector. I'm assuming this would be too far if I bend it?

This is all just a mockup in aftermarket housings I got. It'll be cleaner once I know what I'm doing and am ready to do this all in one go on the factory lights

For reference if it helps. This is how high the high beam reflector sits.