Aug 02

My HID kit doesn’t look as white as other cars.

I have a 2014 Mazda 6 Touring Tech, which unfortunately, did not come with HID headlights. I cry myself everyday for not buying the GT. Last year, I installed the Xenon Depot Extreme HID kit with the 4300k Phillip bulbs, which are supposed to color shift to 4700k after 100 hours of use. I was going to go with 5000k Xenon depot bulbs, but went with the 4300k because Phillips and better quality. They didn't look as white as I thought they would. I've used them around 30 hours and they haven't color shifted at all. Based on how much I drive, it will take forever.

Whenever I'm at stop light next to cars such as BMW, Infinity, Lexus, Mercedes and even regular cars like Toyota Corolla, Kia Optima, etc, their headlights look whiter than mine. In fact, all non halogen headlights look whiter than mine on the road, why is that? Is it because most stock vehicles have LED lights nowadays and they usually have a higher kelvin? My HID kit illuminates the road better than the stock Toyota Corolla LED lights, but their lights are whiter.

Manufacturers cannot put HID bulbs higher than 4300-4500k. The 2016 Lexus IS250 has HID headlights and 4300k bulbs. I've checked this, yet their lights look whiter than my 4300k HID kit. Is this because they have xenon projector headlights while I have halogen projectors? Could the difference in color be THAT MUCH just based on this alone despite both bulbs being 4300k?

Unfortunately, most aftermarket xenon headlights will not fit my car. The headlight harness for the Touring and GT are different. This happens because in Asia and the rest of the world, they only have one version of the Mazda 6, the GT with xenon headlights, so the Chinese and Asian aftermarket guys don't realize that here in America we have several models of this car. They only make xenon headlights for the GT, so I would have to get their headlights and do a rewire, and who knows how that would work.

I'm thinking about just putting a 5000k bulb for now, I'm afraid I may still be disappointed.