Jun 16

Morimoto Motoho1der Mini H1 bulb holders

Let's face it, the Mini H1 bulb holder (and this includes the 7.0) is garbage. That paper clip is downright aggravating to install and remove. The bulb can wiggle and rotate, messing up the output. The Mini H1 series has never had quality output out of the box, always requiring adjustments and shimming. This is a symptom of the rebased H1 HID bulb, but that bulb holder didn't help at all.

I know many of us were excited for the new bulb holders, and many more were weary.

First of all, they're made well. They're plastic, but they're stout. They're also well thought out. You don't have to squeeze all the wiring and the grommet through the main ring, it'll just slide over the bulb while the U shaped piece holds the bulb in. It's not going to be as easy to install on the car as a twist in 9006 bulb, but it's a lot better than the paperclip. Nonetheless, with two pieces it is a bit fiddly. Installation on the projector itself is as simple as removing three screws and reinstalling them with the new bulb holder in place.

The bulb can still rotate a bit in this new holder before tightening it down, so you WILL have to find the proper positioning for the bulb before tightening it down once and for all. This is just the nature of the imprecise H1 bulb. But once the ring is tight, the bulb isn't going anywhere.

These photos are exposure locked. The parts used are brand new, unmodified Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 projectors, brand new UPS 5700K H1 HID bulbs, and some Alpha HID ballasts on a lithium jump starter. No shimming was done at all.

Stock bulb holder, bulb rotated to get as bad output as possible:

Stock bulb holder, bulb rotated to get the best output possible:

Motoho1der, bulb rotated all the way in one direction. I did NOT make sure it was the best it could be. I just threw it in, to see how it would be.

And a GIF, for your viewing pleasure. The shots are unlabeled, but they're in the same order as my write up and go from dimmest to brightest.

Obviously, the Motoho1ders made a significant difference. They're a big upgrade not only in ease of use but also in output out of the box. Is it a fix for all of the H1 problems? Absolutely not. Most H1 bulbs will still need some shimming for perfection. UPS bulbs are pretty great out of the box, but many others show obvious signs of issues. Morimoto bulbs are not immune to these issues. Don't expect it to be the magic fix for all of H1's problems, but it's a big step forward in the Mini H1 world.

Some more testing will be done soon if you guys want. Let me know what you want to see.