Jul 02

Morimoto Ballast 3 five SS & D2S HID bulbs

Selling my Morimoto ballasts and HID bulbs. Ballasts and bulbs are brand new. Only one ballast and bulb was hooked up to test in projectors. Had to sell the projectors because they didn't fit inside my Jeep housings too big. Going with smaller projectors and different model number so can't use these ballasts and bulbs as they are not compatible with the Mini H1 series. Ballasts and bulbs are brand new never used or installed.

- 2 Morimoto 3 Five SS Ballasts
- 2 Morimoto D2S 6,000K HID bulbs

$120 shipped

Ballasts and bulbs can be sold separately.

$100 for ballasts
$20 for HID bulbs
Free shipping!

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