Apr 28

Mk4 jetta d2s 4.0 retrofit help

OK, so first post here, long time lurker.

I've decided to retrofit my mk4 jetta with hid projectors. I chose to go with the d2s instead of the mini h1 for more bulb choices. I picked up just about everything I need from XD Creations since they helped me out with a harness upgrade for my old malibu.

I already have the headlights pulled appart and I have a spare set of reflectors incase I mess up. I was looking at JnC's Mounting Method, but I can't seem to find a thread with working pictures so I can see how it is actually mounted. My first plan was to fab up a bracket to mount on the projector and then a second bracket for the back of the reflector, but after looking around it seems that I do want to have the Rotational adjustment just in case. Does anyone have a link to working pictures for JnC's method?

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