Apr 26

Mini H1 Ongoing Headache

So over the last few days I have been going through the process of trying to fix my less than optimal cutoff coming from my older gen Mini H1 projectors. I figured I had originally bent one of the cutoff shields when I was playing with them when I first picked them up. I ordered new shields from TRS and figured I would just throw them in and that would be that. Unfortunately for me things didn't go quite so smoothly. I was able to get the cut off to a state of "good enough, I'm tired of tinkering with these silly things".
Exhibit A:

I was content with the cutoff until I came back and powered up the lights again and was left with a giant sploch on the wall that was once a crisp line. So that tells me the shields are still sticking and that I spent $60 and went backwards because of it. I did Stupidpigs preinstall tips as well as filing down the alignment pegs on the bulbs to ensure the bulbs are fully seated and now this is where I'm currently at because I got frustrated and quit for the night.
Exhibit B:

Does anyone have any insight on what I'm missing or doing wrong?