Apr 28

Mini D2S 4.0 Vertical Alignment Issue

I just finished retrofitting my 2015 Nissan Sentra using the Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 projectors paired with Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited bulbs. I started by marking the cutoff height position from the car at about 3 feet away (constrained by the usable space inside my garage). Before tightening down the projectors, I mounted them on the car and matched the height position. After finishing the install, height position was still roughly in the neighborhood. However, once I took the car out to align the height as 25', the cutoff was really low. I turned the adjustment screws as far as they would go to raise the cutoff line, but still very low. From a stop sign line, the beam won't even make it across the street (see image). As a reference, the cutoff line on my W211 sporting EvoX-R's will be near the bottom of the window in the pic.

I'm a bit at a loss since the MMD2S 4.0 is shaft-mounted and I would imagine that the original bulb base would roughly align the height.

What's the best way to correct this? Any way to do so without taking the headlight assemblies out again? TIA for all suggestions.

Reference pic: