Jul 05

Mini Cooper eBay Morimoto 4.0 retrofit

Hello all,

Been frequenting this site for a few years now, and decided to post. This is my third retrofit, I really like doing it.

I started by splitting the lens from the main housing, this was the easiest light I've ever split, there aren't even any screws holding it together. It's actually a pretty decent projector.

Since I wanted a full black-out effect, I taped off the chrome areas. This would've been easier if I could've just separated the LEDs, but the chrome inside also acts as a reflector.
While the paint was drying, I removed the stock projector, and straightened the frame.

I then took a piece of 1x1 angle aluminum, and machined out reliefs for the bracket/projector. I also drilled/tapped 4mm holes, shown below.

After being drilled/tapped and assembled.
I ground off some of the metal on the housing, and use the existing 3mm hole to secure it to the bottom.

The wiring harness on the eBay headlight is subpar, at best.

Wiring harness cleaned up.

It works!

More shitty wiring harness, but it works. I removed the secondary harness from the bottom row, since it controls the self-leveling motors which these lights lack; and rewired the solenoid trigger to the proper place on the harness. I had to re-wire the trigger wire, since these are intended for halogen equipped Minis, and I have the factory bi-xenon set up. I assume you done have to re-wire anything if you're installing these into a factory, halogen equipped car. I also sealed up the wires after this pic. The high beam has two wires, because one is going into a box on the headlight, which I'm not sure what it does.
For the wires: Top row - left to right
1. Red - High beam + (pos)
2. White - High beam - (neg)
3. Blue - Low Beam + (pos)
4. Black (yellow shrink tube) - Low beam - (shared neg) Bottom Row - left to right:
1. Yellow - Turn signal + (pos)

Taken at dusk, OEM 35w MINI on the left, Morimoto 4.0 D2S with 5500k and Morimoto 55w ballast on the right.

Thanks for looking!