Jul 30

MD2S with H1 Halogen

Yes you read that correct I did a retro in my ebay lights on my Tundra (see my project thread), but since all vehicles here in Sweden must pass a test every year I could not have the HID in when taking the test.
Its illegal with HID if its not factory installed, and over 2000lumens you need headlight washers and autoleveling as everywhere else in the world I guess.

So I came up with this idea, yes it would have been easier to swap the headlight to the OEM halogens, but since I got all the stuff needed I went for a try
These adapters are from a 9 inch aux light thats avalible with both D1S HID and H1 Halogen, so I used 2 of these in each projector, one to lock down the bulb with and fasten a ground wire in.

The Philips Xtreme vision H1 I used only did 10Lux less than a chinese D2 bulb I tested hehe. The ebay projector made 180Lux at 7meters, and the MD2S made 420 as you can see in the pic.

And even with Halogen there was a sweet color in the cutoff.