Apr 26

Mazdaspeed6 Projectors into MZ3. Impending Attempt, Advice Needed.

Hello. Just joined today but have been lurking this site for a while now. I would like to try my hand at a retrofit and this will be my first attempt.

In preparation I have been planning to buy the various odds and ends to piece together a kit. As fortune have it (or maybe not), I acquired here locally a set of used HID projectors from a mazdaspeed 6. Not knowing if it would even fit I pulled the trigger as it came as a bundle for a price I couldn't or wouldn't let go.

I understand that the projectors aren't the best, but I'd assume they'd be better than sticking a pnp into the halogen projectors of my 2013 Mazda 3 sedan.

So far I have:
2x mazdaspeed6 Projectors
2x d2s osram bulbs
2x clear lenses
2x amp to d2s harness
2x ballasts
1x relay harness

I suppose the question is, is this doable or even worth it since i already have them? I believe I have all the necessary pieces of hardware. I've tested the projectors and bulbs. They do work. I assume I would be reusing the stock halogen shroud.

If anyone has any experience with these projectors I'd love some insight. The cutoff shield of the projectors seem different than others I've seen on this site and I worry that I may be missing some key bits of hardware.

Attempting to link some photos. Hope they show up.