Aug 08

Lots of Lumileds (Red/Orange and Amber)

No long going to be doing any projects with these so it's time to clear the out.
All prices in USD plus shipping - I am open to offers.

Red/Orange DH00 Lumileds Bin G13 - 9 full tubes with 60 per tube (will not break up a tube). Asking $20/tube

Amber ML00 Bin F24 - 5 tubes with 60 per tube. Asking $20/tube.

Part tubes.
Top tube - 57 Amber ML00 F24 Bin LEDs - $15 for the tube
Middle - 48 Red/Orange DH00 H34 bin LEDs - $15 for the tube
Bottoms - 43 Red/Orange DH00 G13 bin LEDs - $15 for the tube.