LED’s & LED Strips

LED stands for light emitting diode. LED bulbs or LED strips are similar to CCFL halos in that they are an option during a headlight retrofit.

LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and socket fitments. They can be used to replace or add to turn signals, parking lights or daytime running lights. An LED bulb uses an extremely small amount of current which saves strain on your vehicles alternator and creates no heat.LED Strips Illuminated

LED strips are simply a row of LED’s attached on a flexible printed circuit board.

Resistors are usually required but as noted above a variety of bulbs and strips that are pre setup, will come with resistors built in.

The best time to install LED’s are while the headlight is open/apart during the headlight retrofit process. This allows the LED’s to function inside away from the weather and elements.LED Strips Illuminated


What about a “Demon Eye” mod? A “Demon Eye” mod generally refers to an LED being installed in a projector bowl. What this does when activated is illuminate the HID projector (not at full brightness but with a glow effect) for a unique look. The downside to this, is that LED’s do NOT last long or remain reliable when exposed to heat. The heat of a projector bowl or HID bulb can cause damage to the sensitive LED unit. For this reason we don’t recommend doing any modifications with LED’s that install them near a heat source.

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