Apr 27

LED Retrofit Wiring Question

Hello, I have a 1993 Civic. It's h4/9003. I want to do a projector retrofit, but I want to use LEDs instead of HIDs. I know this is a forum for HIDs but I've read a lot off of here and everyone is really helpful.
Here's what I want: I want LEDs (instant on/little less power/longer bulb life/no ballasts or extra wiring), I want projectors, and I want the "bi-xenon" feature (I'm aware it's not xenon).
I'm aware of the solenoids in the newer projectors that do that cutoff and open up for the high beams, but I don't know how exactly to get from a 9003/H4 connector to powering the LED and projector so that the solenoid works when the highs are engaged. All the adapter harnesses I've seen for 9003 -> D2S have a ballast and a power rating and everything and I just want the solenoid and bulb to be connected to my 9003 plug. I understand I might need to cut into one the wires before that plug to wire the solenoid but can someone help me out?

P.S. I plan to use a D2S modeled LED bulb because as I understand it, there are not projectors that take in H4/9003 plated bulbs