Apr 28

Laser Cut Relay and Halo controller Box.

I wasn't sure where to put this. Hopefully this sub forum is okay.

I did a retrofit on my 2015 Polaris Sportsman 850 sp and with the ballasts, relays for other accessories, heated grips, and the 2 halo controllers, things were getting very unorganized. I sketched up plans for this box and the layed out everything on the laser to make it. After laser cutting the base, sides, 2 piece lid, and the "850" numbers it was time to assemble it. The base is 12"x12" with a .5" lip all the way around giving me around an 11" by 11" space inside. The 2 piece lid is clear acrylic with vent holes and I also laser engraved the Polaris Logo on it. The top piece of the lid is square and has a circle laser cut out of the middle to make the lid more rigid, but also still see-through. The box will be mounted in the front storage box.

After assembly, I used sandable primer to get it primed and then painted it with bed liner spray. It's now ready to have 3 relays, distribution blocks, and halo controllers mounted in it.

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