May 03

Issue with LEDs (halo headlights)


I need some advice regarding LEDs in my headlights, I'm not an LED pro and am unsure what this means.

I have aftermarket halo headlights (retrofitted Morimoto HID projectors there, as stock lens are crap). The car is 2006 Ford Escape if it matters. These headlights also have an LED strip above and halos around high and low beams. For over a year everything was perfect. I attached the wires to the parking lights circuit and never had issues.

Today, when I started my car in the morning, I didn't see the halos on the right side. Also, the strip looked a bit dimmer, but I wasn't sure. So I went to work. I had no time to troubleshoot. When I parked my car about 35 min later I went out and looked at the right headlight again. This time I noticed the strip was considerably dimmer, but I still could see the LEDs a bit. You know, like an LED flashlight with a dying battery. OK, to finish with it, I looked again during lunch time, the car never moved or anything, and guess what - the strip is almost gone. I could see like 2-3 small spots on the LEDs, but not even the whole LEDs were lit. I guess next time they'll just die.

So my question is: what can be happening? I've never seen anything so weird. My guess is that something is slowly burning out either inside the headlight or the LEDs driver. I will take off the headlight today and look, but if it's a bad LED or a driver, I will just get rid of the wires. I have no time to bake the headlight again. But I wanted to ask, maybe it's reparable?

Also: I don't know if it's the reason or has anything to do with it, but the last few days we had really A LOT of rain, and I had to through it to and from work. Maybe something shorted out?