Jun 09

Is it worth it to go from mini d2s 2.0 to the newer 4.0’s?

I did my projector retro fit for my Ranger back in 2012. I used morimoto mini d2s with oem Philips bulbs.. No real issues at all honestly. My headlight housings are small and because of this that's why I chose the d2s over the H1's at the time. I was just browsing on TRS and see they have the 4.0 of the mini d2s and it looks really nice. The output shots on here seem to blow what I have out of the water as far as distance and width...

My problem however is I'd have to buy new headlight housings, and then new projectors and do the retro all over again...lol Is it worth the jump to do so?

Does anyone know the actual size difference between the older 2.0 and the newer 4.0, IE: new ones are 40mm longer/20mm wider...etc.? I know that the lenses are 3" now compared to 2.5 which makes me wonder if it all would fit in my 2001 Ranger's housings?

Everything is still 100% functional and still works perfectly fine today 5+ years later.

I currently have the hub centric rings on my projectors and utilizing the original gattling gun shrouds. How would the same shrouds attach to the newer projector since it's larger? I would ditch the hub centric rings I believe right?