Apr 28

Is it possible to convert H3 fog lights without modifying them?


I have a Mk2 Ford Mondeo with projector headlights and a couple of H1 Philips Diamond Vision bulbs for high and low beams but the fog lights are below average, even cutting the upper inner deflector off (I'd rather have them adjusted lower, it performs much better without them).

So I've been playing with some cheap H3 4500K 35w kits but it would require the usual hole to run the wires thru the back cover that seals the fog light and that would probably destroy the chrome reflector going through rain or snow.

My question is, can I wire the HID bulb to the cover/fog, connect it to the ballast and then connect the ballast to the car's wiring? That would be perfect, the fog lights would still be sealed and perform much better.

Technically I would connect the ground to the base and the other end to the cover just like an ordinary H3 lamp, I've seen some chinese "wireless" H3 HID lamps with a metal ground base but it's pretty uncommon.

Also, for the lamp, I'd like to go for a higher quality kit, would 55w HID kit be too much for a fog light heat wise?