Jun 22

Is it OK to drill a new mounting hole on the projector cutoff shield/plate? (pics)

Long story short, I purchased Toyota solara (black series) projector. I was told the bowls were perfect. They weren't, burnt spot and peeling coating on the insides... very disappointing. I then started looking at with the help here I found another set. This one came from a Maxima. Looks pretty much the same but uses a d2s bulb instead of d4s.. Not a problem as I will just notch the bulb.

There is two slight issues. The cutoff shield is larger on the solara projector (see attached pictures) The maxima's has a flat spot on the thides of them so I would prefer to use the solara's cut off shield since it's just a tad bit wider...

When attaching the shield to the projector it appears the top two mounting holes/pins line up perfect. However the lower pin is just slightly off on the cut off shield compared to the other. Is it safe to say I can drill a new hole on the solara cutoff shield so that I can mount it to the maxima projector?

Last question is that although both projectors look identical. Inside the Solara projector the design is slightly different with ridges and valleys compared to the maxima... Is there a pro/con to either or and or will I notice an output difference in light? I put them both on the wall and it's very hard for me to even see a difference in light output other than the fact that the wider shield produces a wider beam compared to the one that isn't...etc.

Hope all that made sense.

Attached pictures.
All three together (Maxima/2 solara)



Projector Bowl Differences:

Maxima Projector Bowl

Solara Projector Bowl