Jun 21

Intermittent Startup – Hella Gen3

For reference my vehicle is a ’13 Ford Explorer Sport. Originally came with halogen projectors.

Current setup is EVOX-R projectors, Philips VX bulbs, Hella G3 ballasts (w/updated MOSFETS and boosted to ~42W) and new TRS harness.

Right side light does not fire consistently when car is started in Auto Headlight switch setting. If I turn headlight switch off and back on after car is started the ballast will fire. Sometimes it takes a few tries.

List of things I have tried for troubleshooting:
Replaced harness.
Verified power and ground connections are clean and tight. Power and ground wires are connected directly to the battery.
Swapped harness relays from left to right.
Swapped bulbs from left to right – also tried various bulbs (CBI, NB and currently XV)
Swapped ballasts from left to right.

After all troubleshooting problem remains consistent misfire on passenger side (long wire of harness to ballast).

Starting to wonder if the ballast needs more current than the harness supplies?
Is there any other troubleshooting I can do?
Suggestions or ideas welcome.