Apr 27

Installing BI-Xenon Projectors Low on vehicle

Hello everyone, I have a 2016 Malibu and the headlights on it are horrible and it doesn't offer fog lights as an option. I was thinking of doing an HID retrofit but that takes a lot of time and with permasealed headlights and the complex assembly of them I'd rather not do a retrofit (multiple companies told me that they wouldn't do it and the ones that said they could said it was a huge risk and couldn't guarantee anything) Anyways I have spoken with a few other companies and they said that they could install bixenon projectors for me under the DRL strip. I would have the projectors aimed perpendicular to the ground rather than 1.3 degrees downward like a typical low beam because of how low they are and I want them to shine as far as possible. I was thinking of using FXR's or Morimoto matchboxes but I am not 100% sure what projector to use. Anyways, I would also put a 35w HID kit in my low beam projectors ( I know, bad idea) and I would put the same kind of HID kit into the new set but 50 watt so that the colors would match. Anyways, what are your guys' thoughts on this? What projector do you guys recommend that I use? Any concerns with this project? I have very limited knowledge with this type of stuff so any advice would help me. Thanks