Apr 26

Info needed on Acura Jewel Eyes

Hey guys,
I have been toying with the idea of retro'n a set of the jewel eyes into my Tacoma. But I have a few questions, since these projectors are new to me;
1) Does anyone have an overall dimension of the projector lens(s) all together? Width/Height/depth?? I need to know if my bucket will accommodate it before I purchase a set
2) Are they on par, or superior than most single lens projectors? (RX, 4.0, s2k, etc)
3)How is the cutoff??? I do know I can tell when one is coming head on with me
4) Does anyone mod the cutoff shield on these???
5)Are the bulbs/ballasts swappable? Or should I stick will the factory spec'd stuff.

Thanks guys!!!