Apr 26

I need Advise about Chinese Projector like Hela E5

Hello my Friends ,
I am new here in the Forum and to the HID world , i have a Proton Gen 2 Car , with H4 Stock Halogen Headlights , and i always dreamed of making a nice looking modification with Orange rings around and also get a very good light .

After too much reading and studying for sometime , i decided to buy morimoto projectors with angel eye shrouds and etc , but i couldnt since it is very expensive
so i found people talking about chinese Hela Q5 and E5 , and i really found them fine to me with full kit and Ballast : F3 FastBright 35w Bulb : CNLIGHT 5000K D2H
but i wanted to ask few questions :
1) is this set considered to be low quality chinese set which wont live long or get burnt after sometime ?
2) is it easy if i went to light mod shop for them to install it
3) is Hela E5 is a good chinese choise of there is any better option as i also saw some korean company called AES

i am not a zombie , i dont live in the dark , i dont need too powerfull light , but to be strong enough if i have to travel on night roads , and i am kind of concerned more about the lifetime and the look of shrouds with angel eye rings

please help me
thanks alot