Apr 29

How far behind are the German’s compared to the Japanese and where did all the headlamp washers go.

As the title states, are the German's behind in the headlight game? Comparing my Mazda to my wife's VW...well, there's no comparison. Both have HID's and AFS but what a difference! BMW HIDs or LED can't compete with Acura, Mercedes LEDs are kind of a joke. Is it a difference in philosophy that separates them? Compare a Acura TL or Lexus LS with an E or S class or 7 Series and the Germans lose every time in both performance and wow factor. I mean look at the new Lexus RX headlights! Not to mention, where have all the headlamp washers gone. Can you even get washers on a BMW or Merc anymore? Audi is doing the same thing and they took them off the A4 when it used to be standard. Maybe more of a rant than a discussion but I'm going to be in a position to move up soon and what I want doesn't have what I want.