Jul 13

Honda Grom | iJDMToy Bi-LED Projector Retro

My girl has been wanting a retro on her Grom for a while. We wanted to keep it as simple as possible unlike the retro I did a few years ago


We also wanted to avoid HID as I had to make supporting mods. I knew bi-LED was going to be the best route.

While not a top shelf bi-LED projector, I got a good deal on a set of iJDMToy projectors so giving it a try. I actually have Kioto bi-led projectors laying around but I couldn't find a simple way to conceal the entire projector. It's fairly large as the projector unit includes the LED driver/power supply. With this projector, the Panamera style shroud is able to conceal all of the projector while offering a convenient DRL.

No need to go into details on how to install as it's simply plug and play using the existing bulb socket.

Painted the housing and shroud with a paint color called "Oil Rubbed Bronze" which we thought would compliment the gold pearl on the plastics and bronze accents.

Testing the projector and shroud. I did wire the shroud to a switch to allow us to trigger the high and low levels manually as the headlight is always on.

Finished product.

Next to my retro (TL, custom fiberglass shroud, 3W DRL, demon eye for alarm indicator)

Took some comparison shots vs my retro. Unfortunately, the cutoff shines through the extreme curvature of the housing lens which affects the cutoff of the projector. See the output shots below.

The shots below were shot on phone with manual exposure and ISO. Wall/container shots are about 30' away

Low beam with left is the TL and right is the bi-LED. Definitely a hotspot on the be-LED while a less defined cutoff, but colorful.

High beam. Almost a pencil beam for the bi-LED, but it definitely projects more light at distance. Not sure, but I believe there is a dedicated LED chip for the high beam.

TL low. Definitely more width. The bike might be titled slightly or not squared to the container.

Bi-LED low. You can really see how the lens of the housing distorts the overall cutoff. I was fortunate the cutoff on my retro shines below the extreme curvature of the housing lens.

TL High

Bi-LED High. You can really see how much more light will be projected at a distance. As we mainly ride at night on city streets only, width is not as important such as when driving on dark roads. The well defined high beam will work better for flashing oncoming traffic and such so it's a plus for us.

TL Low

Bi-LED Low.

TL High

Bi-LED High. You can really see how the defined high beam projects a lot more light at a distance. Again, this will work better in our application as we can "flash" oncoming traffic and such more effectively.

Something that we all love...flicker!