Apr 28

HID Not Working

I have a quick question. On my driver's side my HID bulb stopped working. Now, this is a quality 35w bulb (Philips). When it first wouldn't turn on I did what most people do, I turned it off and on a couple of times to see if it would turn on (if the ballast would fire). I figured my bulb went bad, even though it was less than a year old. So I buy a new set of the same bulbs and the very next day when they come in the HID on the driver's turns on. It continues to work for a couple of months and now again it doesn't work.

So I install the new HID bulb on the driver's side, just wire them up, and they also don't work.

So do you think it's the ballast?

But here's the thing, my highbeams still work on both sides (they are wired through the same ballast as the HIDs, I can have both HIDs and high beams on at the same time and I didn't even set it up this way on purpose, I think the anti-flicker/error module did this).

So if it's the ballast not working, how come the highbeams still work? Maybe electricity is still going through the ballast but not to the part that powers on the HID?

Also, when connecting the new ballast (if it is the ballast), do I unplug the ground or power cable first and then when I install them back in which order should they be in?