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HID Ballast Types

Matsushita Gen4 OEM D2S HID Ballast

There are a variety of different ballasts available, each with their own fitment & rating. OEM ballasts such as Mitsubishi, Matsushita & Denso have often been used in the world of HID Retrofits due to their long-term reliability, durability & fail-safe features.The Matsushita ballasts come “potted” from the factory for example. Potting is an epoxy silicone-like compound that surrounds & protects the ballast electronics and circuit board to prevent moisture damage or corrosion. It can also be found on a variety of high quality aftermarket ballasts.

Morimoto 3Five Ballasts Ver1

Most ballasts produced today are digital and contain circuits and controllers for all of their functions. This allows for cooler operating temperatures, faster startup/warmup & more reliable Arc control within the HID bulb.


AMP Connections



Bulb connection is another very important part of the ballast. AMP & D2S are the most common style connections between your ballasts & the HID bulb. AMP connections are generally associated with aftermarket components. Their connection features two clip-style hookups that interlock and provide a simple plug-in setup. A male/female plug combo.

D2S/D2R (D4S falls into this category D2S Connectorsas well) connections are generally associated with OEM components. This style connection plugs into the ballast (or it can also be hard-wired) then clicks or clips onto the D2S/D2R style HID bulb itself. It’s generally a twist & lock motion to connect D2S/D2R sockets.


35 watt vs. 55 watt ballasts & setups. The one HID bulb we know of that is a true 55 watt component is the Philips D2S DL50 bulb & they are super rare to find. Using a 55 watt ballast on a standard 35 watt HID bulb can decrease the bulb’s lifespan & reliability. It will however give a slight boost in light output. This method is only recommended for high quality OEM bulbs such as the Philips D2S or Osram CBI. It’s always recommended to use a properly matched ballast & bulb setup. Another note with 55watt setups is the possibility of increased glare. While a 55 watt setup will produce more lumens of output, depending on the exact Kelvin color rating of the bulb there is also an increased potential for glare.

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