HID Ballasts

HID Ballasts & Ignitors are the power plant of your Headlight Retrofit system. A poor quality ballast will decrease the lifespan of your HID bulb and can cause inconsistent bulb coloring between sides. A ballast has two important functions. The first is to take the 12-volt input and turn it into a 20,000+ volt arc which ignites the HID bulb’s Xenon gas & salts(this is also sometimes referred to as the HID headlight’s “pretty startup”. The second function is to stabilize that arc and maintain it throughout the duration of the bulb being on.Ballast Ignition ArcMatsushita Gen4 OEM D2S HID Ballast
A good quality ballast uses LESS amperage than a standard 55/60 watt halogen bulb. Startup amperage is generally spiked at around 9-10 ampsfor less than a fraction of a second & once the arc is stabilized it uses around 3-4 amps @ 35watts. Your average halogen bulb uses nearly 6-7 amps @ 55/60 watts ALL the time. Less amperage means less strain on your alternator and electrical system.

Morimoto 3Five Ballasts Ver1



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High Voltage Warning

HID Ballast Startup & Stabilization

One very important function of the HID ballast is startup and stabilization. When you reach to click on your headlights, signals are sent through the switch in the vehicle, to relays pulling 12 volts of power directly to your ballasts. The ballasts then take those 12 volts and convert them to 20,000+ volts and around …

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D2S Connectors

HID Ballast Types

There are a variety of different ballasts available, each with their own fitment & rating. OEM ballasts such as Mitsubishi, Matsushita & Denso have often been used in the world of HID Retrofits due to their long-term reliability, durability & fail-safe features.The Matsushita ballasts come “potted” from the factory for example. Potting is an epoxy …

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