Apr 27

Help With Nissan Sentra B17 HID Retrofit

I'm looking to do an HID retrofit on my wife's 2015 Nissan Sentra. She loves this car, but her only gripe is the lighting. For the time being, I swapped in an aftermarket HID kit with rebased bulbs but she misses the distance lighting she used to get in our old Mercedes W203 with E46 Bosch projectors. Thus, I'm on a mission to get her the best lighting possible.

I have been scouring the web looking for info on options to do a retrofit on the Nissan Sentra B17 and quite surprisingly, there's virtually nothing out there other than a few pics of cars actually retrofitted, but no info. All I have learned so far is that the headlights on this car are permasealed.

I also saw a few aftermarket headlight assemblies on Ebay - mostly Anzo headlights (because I want the chrome finish, not the black ones that are mostly available) but there's also no info as to bulb type, etc. No feedback on quality or performance.

Anyone here taken a stab at retrofitting the Nissan Sentra B17 (2013-2015)? I figure I'm going to have to buy some replacement headlights and cross my fingers they use butyl. Also looking for info as to what projector size might fit (hoping I can fit 3" projectors). I'd like to use E46 or E55 projectors if possible. As a lazy alternative, anyone have experience with the Anzo aftermarket headlights with projectors? TIA