Jul 20

Help with fixing an MY07 Subaru Outback 3.0r with burnt out D2S connector and globe

Hi people
I had a lowbeam OEM headlight go out the other day. I ordered some new phillips globes but had trouble removing the original globe from the D2S connector. Once I got it out I realised it had burnt out in the connector. So the bottom of the globe and the connector are damaged. Local mechanic/sparky opinion is moisture caused the damage but he cannot work out how to fix it. Can I replace the D2S connector? What part would fit this model (MY07 Subaru Outback 3.0r)? I can't get in there to see the connector on the other end of the D2S connector cable - apparently you have to take the front bumper off the car to access the ballast etc?

Any help greatly appreciated. It seems like these are rare and so not much help in googleland. New or even secondhand headlight assemblies are ^&&%*& expensive so I need to work out how to replace the D2S connector or understand a bit better what the problem might be before pulling the front off the car.