Sep 11

Help selecting lighting for offroad baja bike

Hi guys, I'm looking for some information on the best way to get an efficient lighting source on my KTM 500 that is going to be built for baja riding. The stator generates around 200W of which I would like to safely draw around 100W to leave room for the charging system and FI. *thats in DC voltage.

Most riders are running baja designs lights which are claiming around 4900 lumens. I have tested this light out and I like the combination spot/flood which gives a great throw and the spot puts light far enough down the trail that it is difficult to over ride. The only downside is the price at $250.

I'm curious about fabricating my own lighting system. I find LED's to be quite bad for the dust especially the colder colors. I would like to run an HID however the tricky part is packaging it since the enclosure will have to be vibration/shock/dust/moisture proof. I was wondering if anyone had some advice for me, perhaps this is a situation where it's better to buy the preengineered solution.

Lights I'm considering right now are the 7" sealed bi-LED like the morimoto sealed7 or a generic ebay unit. Due to the size I would only be able to mount a single lamp.