What’s a headlight retrofit?

An HID Retrofit, projector Retrofit, headlight Retrofit or Retrofitting is the fabrication & installation of high performance HID projector components into a halogen headlight.

Are headlight retrofits legal?

The simple answer, no. However, a headlight retrofit or HID projector retrofit is the absolute best way to integrate HID’s into your vehicle safely and properly. Any modification to your vehicles headlights is currently considered non-DOT compliant.

What are the best projectors?

There’s no universal answer here. This depends ultimately on what your goals are with the headlights. Are they budget oriented? Just a basic upgrade? Or an all out highest performing projector with the widest output? As long as genuine HID quality projectors are used, you can’t go wrong.

Do you build headlights?

No. does NOT build headlight retrofits or perform any custom work. We are primarily an information resource. Check out our vendor link section for companies that can perform headlight retrofits.

Do you sell parts?

No. does NOT sell HID components or parts. We DO have various vendor links, affiliate links and ad links that help run this website. Please consider checking them out.

How do I adjust the headlights?

A headlight retrofit, when properly done, will allow for the adjustment and alignment of the new projectors exactly as the headlights did before – through the OEM control knobs.

What fits my car?

This question can have a number of different answers based on budget, lighting goals, desired looks and vehicle type (year, make & model). The best way to find out is to contact us or a preferred vendor for fitment options and what will work best.

How quickly do you reply? answers all emails (as long as a correct email address was typed in) within 24-48 hours. Most often it’s quicker.

How do I choose a retrofitter?

Opting for someone to build your headlight retrofit project is almost always a great idea if you don’t feel you’re up to the task. But who to choose?

Our first key point with this, is to always choose a professional retrofit company. Look for a full website (not just a Facebook page, or an email address or an ebay store) and a physical location.

Talk with the shop via email or over the phone about your project and what details you’d like. Seek their advice and knowledge. Look at example photos on their website and make decisions that best suit your needs. Our vendor link section is always a good place to start.


Can I use 35w bulbs with 55w ballasts?

Yes, it will work fine but the life expectancy of the bulb will be reduced. A 35 watt setup generally produces more than enough light for normal night time driving conditions.

Projectors, what side should be on the bottom?

The projector cutoff shield should be on the bottom. The projector lens reverses the image of light onto the road, so the open half inside the projector should actually go on top. As a simple rule for all bi-xenons, the solenoid goes on the bottom.

How to install CCFL angel eyes?

There are two popular methods for installing angel eyes. A few dabs of clear silicone glue can be used to literally stick the CCFL ring to the shroud. The silicone should dry perfectly clear, and hard to notice from more than a foot away. A second, more reliable method involves drilling several tiny holes around the face of the shroud and then threading the CCFL ring onto it using very thin metal wire. It’s recommended that you use the smallest diameter drill bit available to do this

How to attach shrouds to projectors?

Most retrofitters including professional shops use either JB weld epoxy or clear silicone glue to permanently affix the shrouds to their projectors. Both do well at resisting heat, but the silicone stays flexible, will not crack over time from vibrations etc like JB weld might. Clear silicone can however release vapors or moisture when heated, so it should be fully cured before resealing the headlight housings.

Can an HID PNP kit be reused with a retrofit?

As long as the components you have from the PNP kit are reliable then they can certainly be reused. The ballasts will work (adapters may be required) but most often the bulbs can’t be reused. HID Projectors take certain types of bulbs and unless the new projectors in your retrofit utilize that same model bulb, new ones will be needed.

What projectors do I need for my car?

There’s no universal answer for this. Every year, make & model is different. Headlight housings will have different space requirements, projector fitments and shroud limitations.

What if my car doesn’t use an HID bulb?

Many vehicles come with a variety of different bulbs and configurations. The type of bulb that the new retrofit projectors take does not directly correlate with the bulb that originally came on your vehicle. For example- if your vehicle comes with an H13 bulb, a new wiring harness should be utilized that plugs directly into the H13 socket This powers the ballasts and controls the bi-xenon function on the new projectors(which have their own specific bulb fitment).

What if my vehicle has separate high/low bulbs?

With a separate high/low beam configuration, meaning there is one bulb PER function either style projector can still be used. A low beam only projector will replace the low beam bulb/function and the OEM high beam stays in tact. With a bi-xenon projector, this will also replace the low beam bulb/function, but the bi-xenon solenoid can be wired into the high beam circuit. This keeps the OEM high beam bulb in tact and allows for the bi-xenon solenoid to be wired into that circuit allowing for a double high beam blast of light.

Should bulbs be wiped before installation?

Yes! Absolutely. The glass capsule on an HID bulb (or any bulb for that matter with the exception of LED’s) should be wiped with alcohol prior to installation. This ensures no oils or contaminants are on the glass capsules. Capsules not wiped down run the risk of overheating and potentially exploding.

What parts are needed for a retrofit?

The essentials are projectors, bulbs & ballasts. A wiring harness is usually recommended along with shrouds to cover the projectors.

What is the difference between 4300K, 5000K, 6000K bulbs?

4300K is a slightly off white (the brightest available), 5000K is a pure white, and 6000K has a slight tinge of blue. All OEM applications use 4300K bulbs. As you move up the Kelvin scale, your lumen rating will drop a bit, this is why we do not recommend bulbs over 6000K.

Should I use 55w ballasts?

55 watt ballasts will provide a small increase in light output, but that comes at the added expense of heat and reliability. 35 watt ballasts are OEM output and provide plenty of light output. They are often more reliable and run cooler as well.


What items are necessary for retrofitting?

You will need basic hand tools such as flat blade/Philips screw drivers, a Dremel or other rotary tool with a variety of cutting/smoothing attachments, a heat source like an oven or a heat gun, set aside blocks of time, patience, and a variety of other misc materials that can be sourced from a local hardware store like nuts/bolts, epoxies etc.

How can I contact you?

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