May 20

Hello and help with 2011 yukon xl retro

New to the site. Recently bought a 2011 Yukon xl, so far I love it with the exception of the headlights. This site has been a huge help. The more I read the more questions i have.

I'm looking to do a full retro and am leaning towards morimoto d2s.

It sounds like keeping the drl is an issue but I would like to have them, what are my options?

I've seen talk about yukon vs denali headlights, are they interchangeable and if so what are the pros/cons?

From what I've read Depo is the way to go for aftermarket but I'm having a hard time finding them. Suggestions for sourcing them or other options?

Also I've seen "flash to pass", is this the ability to flash your high beams? If so, is this not possible with a hid retro?

Sorry about the long post, I'm sure I have more questions. I appreciate all input. Thanks for your time.