May 25

Hella Gen3 vs Gen5

Hello! I'm new to the forums, but I had a quick question that has been bugging me. Out of all of my research, I have determined that I absolutely love the thought of a Hella Gen3--between the German made quality and the fact that several high-end luxury manufacturers picked them up for a long period of time, this is an attractive choice. The praise on the forum solidifies my thoughts of going with this product over a Matsu or Dens

Anyway, on to the point, how can one identify a genuine one? Are there several fakes on the market, or have the fakes all moved to the new gens? Also, is this generation still worth buying, or would a Gen5 be better? I can care less about waterproofing but would like to know if I need to seal it or not. Most of the G3s were pulled out of 2001-2004 cars, so it does make me question if it will last, and how to decide on which one I purchase. Here's an example that I would buy: Ebay

Edit: It seems that Lambos have used* the G5, while many other manufacturers have switched to Valeo