Oct 16

Hella gen3 not working properly.

Hi guys,

Need some expert knowledge.

I bought a pair of hella gen3 ballasts, they are unboosted but adapted to work with h7 aftermarket bulbs.
So, I mounted of my car, a golf mk5 tdi, it lights up great when my ignition in On, when I start the engine the lights after a couple of seconds start to fail and shutdown one and then the other. If I turned off and then on, they light up again and then shuts down.
If I kill the engine and by keeping the ignition on the lights work ok.

The bulbs are some cheap h7, but they are working great with the cheap chinese ballasts.

What can it be?
1- Lightbulbs not good enough for the OEM ballasts? ( the bulbs work great with chinese ballasts)
2- the canbus is assuming faulty bulb? ( I didn't have bixenon from factory)
3- should I try some canbus error canceler?
3- do I need to activate xenon in vagcom?

What's your thoughts??

Thanks in advance