Jun 27

Headlight Wars / TRS Open House #5

Join us early for the first annual Headlight Wars!

The Open House will be at 4-8PM, Headlight Wars begins at 9AM!

Headlight Wars:
- $2,000 in TRS store credit to the winning team
- Three teams of two professional retrofitters (6 people total)
- 2009-2014 Ford F150 OEM headlights will be used
- Piles of used/return/defective/new mixed retrofit parts provided for digging
- Each build area will be partitioned off and music will be played so the teams can't hear nor see each other building
- Total time allowed for the design and build: 4 hours
- Criteria for the winner is quality of the build, overall design of the build, watertightness, and output

Open House:
- Free catered food
- Free drinks (adult and non)
- Live music / DJ
- Car / bike show
- Prizes!