Headlight Paint

Headlight Retrofitting involves the complete tear down and fabrication of headlights. This is the best time to add custom paint for a unique look or to clean up the overall appearance of the headlights & vehicle.

Black & Chrome headlight paint themes are extremely popular. With a paint design like this, headlights have a factory appeal to them but a sporty look. This keeps things clean and classy.

Black & Chrome ThemeBlack & Chrome Theme There are also a variety of custom paint colors & combinations that can be added. A few more picture examples below.

Arctic Blue RSX Painted HeadlightsWorld Rally Blue WRX Painted HeadlightsRed 350Z Painted HeadlightsBlack & White Painted HeadlightsNeed more info? Check out our social network pages (the 3D icons at the top of every page). There you can connect with us, ask questions, watch videos & get involved.

Spray Paint

DIY Painting

Painting during your headlight retrofits sounds simple enough, but there’s a bit more involved than just blasting away particular pieces with a spray can. The first step is to ensure you have all the proper materials, tools and space needed to get the job done correctly. For this you’ll need: Spray Paint (most brands are …

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