Jul 25

Headlight Condensation/Moisture. FULL LED Headlights

Hello, I have a Citroen DS3 THP sport chic and I'm with a big problem in my FULL LED headlights.

Well, my headlight is from the +2014 model DS3, the FULL LED headlights! My car is a 2012 and it came with the ugly and old one headlights. I imported the Full lead headlights and installed in my car.

The problem is that, for almost 1 year, I have been fighting against moisture.
Let me tell everything:


For example, in Winter seasons, the headlight gets the moisture more quicker. Also in the rainny days, the moisture comes faster.

There is no water inside(I checked uninstalling the headlight).

I'm sure that this only happen when the car is hot and the weather is very cold, for example: If the car is hot enough after a ride of 30 min, then I stop the car somewhere which receives some cold air.
In a trip for example, if it is rainning or cold outside and I get a lot of traffic, the headlight gets moisture.

The problem is: Hot air inside and cold air outside. That is the cause.

The moisture also only happen in the lower part, for example in the left down corner, where there is an far end.

I tried:

-HAIR DRYER(outside and inside)
-Put the caps off and let the car in the sun in a hot day(3 times for 5 hours)

What I didn't tried:
-Silica Gel(Can't find a good size to put inside)
-Compressed Air
-Open the Headlight(no way, it can get even worse)

I'm very upset, angry and I can't live with that.


Puting the car in the sun for 5 hours(hot day) with the caps off, made some result, LIKE:

1- The right headlight gets longer to get moisture. than the left one
2- The right headlight gets a little bit less moisture than the left one
3- Both Headlights seems to be more resistence to this trouble, but when the car is hot and it is cold outside, it doesn't stand for long time, moisture comes back.

I did that 3 times and I can't fix the problem at all.

If I stop the car after a trip and let it in a place that receives some cold air, like directly, the moisture will appear or get even worse.

This headlight is very complex, one time I took it out and review the whole headlights in my hand, there is no signal of water, no signal of ''space or vacum''. Everything is perfectly sealed.

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you can understand.
Please, help me, I can't live with that.

Here is some photos:

https://scontent.fssz2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t34.0-12/20428336_845858655572168_1524746769_n.jpg?oh=70f4f 129f15097f1ad6e291f3ae4a901&oe=59792E5D