Aug 12

Headlight condensation Help

I don't know if this is condensation or what. It does not seem to be water in there, more like is fogged up from the inside, like when after you take a shower, but could this be caused by air? How is it possible that it has happened to both headlights and is only on the upper part, but the middle and bottom is crystal clear. If there is a leak, how could it be that is on both headlights. It cannot be possible. Also, the only bulb I've replaced is the low beams which goes in to the projector and it has no contact with the housing. The projector doesn't look fogged up. I'm thinking about removing the high beam bulb and using a compressor to spray air into the housing, but I don't know if this will fix it or make it worse. I contacted a headlight restorers and nobody wants to try and fix, most of those guys all they do is treat the outside of the headlights and I can see why they wouldn't want cause they could mess something up and they'd rather avoid any possible risk.

It is a 2014 vehicle and I bought it used in 2016. It already had some of this, but very little, it has gotten worse, especially after I started washing my car by hand, not sure if is a coincidence or not, but lots of people wash their cars by hand and spray water directly to the headlights with no problems and it wasn't a 10 minute spray, just a few seconds and done.