Apr 28

H13 Harness connection help please

The truck is a 2012 Ram 2500 that came with H13 hi/lo single bulb halogens.
I replaced the stock headlamps with an aftermarket separate low and high beam. Low being an H1 and high being 9005. They came prewired to an H13 male connector that plugged directly into the trucks H13 harness.

I recently decided to add HIDs to the low beams and was unsure how to do this so I contacted The Retrofit Source and they put together the parts I would need and sent it to me.
For some reason I am not wrapping my head around all the connection points and wanted to be clear before I proceeded. Unfortunately I am not getting any response from TRS so I wass hoping you guys could help me.

I put together the schematic and added my parts and put "?" marks where I am confused.
Can someone show me where all the points connect?